"STATUS" Legal Bureau


"STATUS" Legal Bureau was founded in 1995. For more than ten years we offer our clients wide range of services in juridical and business fields. Our experienced lawyers and accountants will provide you with high quality assistance in establishing, maintaining and liquidation of russian and international business companies, obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, bookkeeping and auditing.

"STATUS" Legal Bureau is an official agent of many European banks. So we have an authority to introduce our clients to these banks for the purpose of opening business accounts.

Our experts in revenue legislation will provide you with assistance in tax planning, working out efficient tax strategies for different types of businesses, developing optimal business structure with the participation of offshore companies.

Offshore Companies:

An offshore company (non-resident company or international business company) is a business entity that is registered outside the country where its beneficial owners reside, in a so-called offshore zone. Due to the legislation of the majority of offshore zones, such companies have no right to conduct substantial business in its country of incorporation in order to benefit from tax exemptions.

Offshore companies may benefit from a variety of tax advantages, such as non-existence of any taxation of corporate profits or gains whatsoever (British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Dubai); local tax exemption for non-residents of that jurisdiction (Gibraltar, Channel Islands); zero tax on companies that are owned by non-residents and operate solely outside country (Belize, Seychelles); tax holidays for certain types of investment (Portugal, Netherlands Antilles, Denmark); favorable tax treatment through treaties and agreements with the investor's home country (Cyprus, Barbados, Malta, United Arab Emirates).

Going offshore is a safe way to protect one's assets. The majority of offshore governments uphold strict confidentiality laws for banks, corporate registries, and trust companies. These laws protect offshore investors from third parties, including both private and governmental authorities.

Registration of offshore company is fast and simple. All registration formalities can be carried out by a local Registered Agent, without personal involvement of the company owners.

In "STATUS" Legal Bureau we can also offer nominee director and/or shareholder services, and virtual office service.


Managers from the Accounting department of "STATUS" Legal Bureau can draw up all tax and bookkeeping reports for client's companies at all stages of their activity, and to deal with tax authorities on their behalf.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: customers@urstatus.ru.